Sega classics loom for Xbox

When Bill got there, the cupboard was far from bare.

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Virtua Fighter
Virtua Fighter
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Sega has let slip that it intends to make a plethora of classic Sega titles available for Microsoft’s Xbox console in the coming months.

In an arrangement mirroring that of the D3 and Sega partnership that spawned new games firm 3D Ages, Sega will make games from its back catalogue for the big black box. The partner for the Xbox remakes will be Cool Network Entertainment of Japan.

Platforms to be considered include Saturn, MegaDrive, Master System, GameGear and Dreamcast, as well as various arcade platforms.

It is also expected that the Sega games chosen will be playable online through the Xbox live gaming service. Exactly which games are chosen will be interesting, though the online possibilities for Sega’s back catalogue are endless.


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