Ubisoft Admits Watch_Dogs PC Graphics Switch

But French company denies downgrading graphics options

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Ubisoft Admits Watch_Dogs PC Graphics Switch
The problem for publishers releasing games into the PC community (rather than just consoles) is that the PC community loves to modify games and in so doing it finds problems. Problems such as graphics capabilities being deactivated like they were in Watch_Dogs.

Well, Ubisoft has lifted its skirts in horror at accusations that the game has been downgraded (see the video below) and has gone as far as issuing an official response..

"The dev team is completely dedicated to getting the most out of each platform," it says, "so the notion that we would actively downgrade quality is contrary to everything we’ve set out to achieve."

It continues, "We test and optimize our games for each platform on which they’re released, striving for the best possible quality. The PC version does indeed contain some old, unused render settings that were deactivated for a variety of reasons, including possible impacts on visual fidelity, stability, performance and overall gameplay quality."

Then it gets a bit personal, a bit passive aggressive:

"Modders are usually creative and passionate players, and while we appreciate their enthusiasm, the mod in question (which uses those old settings) subjectively enhances the game’s visual fidelity in certain situations but also can have various negative impacts. Those could range from performance issues, to difficulty in reading the environment in order to appreciate the gameplay, to potentially making the game less enjoyable or even unstable.

Now, watch the original spot.

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