Ubisoft PR Stunt Ends in Bomb Squad

Insanely stupid Watch Dogs PR stunts ends in police and fear

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Ubisoft PR Stunt Ends in Bomb Squad
Watch Dogs is doing well for Ubisoft. It's gathering critical acclaim and generating hype as the best/only game with a new IP that currently exists on console. It is a total PR and marketing triumph! Except when a bomb threat ensues.

That's what happened in Australia's second city of Sydney when what looked very much like a bomb was delivered to the offices of TV channel Ninemsn. It wasn't a bomb, it was a copy of Watch_Dogs and some other game related stuff. But the way it was sent will amaze you at it's sheer dumb-f*ckery.

According to Aussie site Mumberella, "A PR stunt for a new video game saw the bomb squad called to Ninemsn’s offices yesterday afternoon after a black safe was delivered to the Australia Square offices of the publisher along with a “suspicious” letter which told a reporter to “check your voicemail”.

"However, the reporter did not have a voicemail, and when staff tried to enter a pin code taped to the top of the safe, which was dropped off by a courier but not signed for, it started to beep but did not open, leading to fears it could be an explosive device."

What was in the package? "Inside was a copy of new Ubisoft video game Watch Dogs alongside a baseball cap and beanie, and a note saying it was embargoed until 5pm."

Yes, even an embargo note! This is how Ninemsn staff member Natasha Lee told Twitter about it.



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