Ubisoft on the Watch Dogs Delay

Also, on making a success of an unreleased game

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Ubisoft on the Watch Dogs Delay
If you've been awake recently you'll have realised that Ubisoft's Watch Dogs is out soon. Well, it's out in five days time - as are the reviews. This is, of course, after a delay. Why was it delayed?

“We did not delay the game to change it. We simply wanted to deliver the experience and the fantasy as intended,” says Ubisoft creative director Jonathan Morin.

That's a relief. He continues, “We started to feel we needed to cut corners to ship it in time, so we decided to delay the experience instead so we could use our Plan A and not our Plan B to fix the issues.

“One example would be the targeting system. We realised that sometimes emergent situations would gather several hack possibilities close to each other which our selection system wasn`t handling really well. Also we did notice that more experienced players could end up doing deep hack manipulations that would result in unsatisfying outcomes. These were not really new features but systems not well hooked to each other in certain deep interconnections. Considering we all wanted to make sure creative play was properly rewarded we had to push the game and evaluate the way to safely fix this without breaking other systems along the way, which explains why we did not define a new date immediately.

“Now the game is where we want it to be and the team is in full debug. This is why we are now completely confident with the new date.”

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