Watch_Dogs - No Reviews Until Launch Day

And Ubisoft is making no bones about it.

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Carl Sagan can't quite believe it.
Carl Sagan can't quite believe it.
Want to get an idea about buying Ubisoft's delayed and hyped cyber-dystopia, multi-device Watch_Dogs before May 27th when it releases? Tough. You can't.

You can see adverts, videos, big-outlet previews, interviews, you can hear podcasts, but you won't be able to see a review until release day. And that's according to Ubisoft:

It tweeted in a rather contrived manner, "Hackers have attempted to infiltrate our system and post false reviews of Watch Dogs. All valid reviews will emerge at release on May 27_"

Launch Day reviewed games, even of delayed games that have been polished are rarely 5/5s... here's hoping.


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