GAME Stores to Float on Stock Exchange

GAME's return from the nearly dead moves on apace with Stock Market float - could you benefit?

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GAME Stores to Float on Stock Exchange
The GAME Group (or Game Digital as it is now) is to be floated on the Stock Market completing an astonishing restructuring process that began in March 2012 when it closed some 300 shops and declared bankruptcy.

The newly named company has stated that in the 26 weeks ending January 25th revenues reached 586.4m, up from 427.3m the year before. Could there be a direct benefit to you? Maybe. In its document announcing the launch, Game Digital states that:

" At or shortly after Admission, GRL intends to issue virtual loyalty shares ("Loyalty Shares") with an aggregate value of 2 million to certain of its loyal customers. It is expected that Loyalty Shares with an aggregate value of 1.8 million will be distributed among 18,000 of GAME's existing reward programme customers, and that Loyalty Shares with an aggregate value of 200,000 will be distributed randomly among 2,000 currently active reward programme customers. Customers who receive Loyalty Shares will be able to redeem them on certain fixed dates for reward points which they can spend in accordance with the terms and conditions governing GAME's existing reward programme. The value of the Loyalty Shares will fluctuate broadly in line with the price of the Shares following Admission. The cost of funding this customer reward scheme will be largely funded by the Major Shareholder."

It also states that:

"Under new ownership and management since 1 April 2012, GAME has successfully completed a significant restructuring and implemented a number of initiatives designed to position the Group for sustainable, long-term growth. GAME now operates an omni-channel model from a streamlined store portfolio, comprising 560 stores across the UK and Spain as at 16 May 2014 (down from 874 stores as at 28 January 2012), together with eCommerce and mCommerce channels and an award-winning UK app. The Group's store portfolio is the central hub of its customer engagement proposition and provides an important marketing platform for its suppliers' physical and digital video gaming products.

"GAME has a 33 per cent. share of the new video game content, hardware and accessories market, by revenue, in the UK and a 35 per cent. market share in Spain, as at 28 December 2013. The Group attributes this to its strong specialist brand heritage, highly trained in-store teams, and a loyal customer base, underpinned by its customer reward programmes, which, as at 26 April 2014, had more than 16 million members in the UK and Spain. In order to enhance its relationship with customers and suppliers, GAME has significantly expanded the use of customer insight and has invested in its CRM infrastructure and expertise. This has permitted the Group to implement direct personalised marketing, strengthen business planning procedures and support suppliers with product launches and product marketing."

Source: Investegate


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