EA Won't Give Titanfall Numbers

And Electronic Arts suffers less than wonderful financials

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EA Won't Give Titanfall Numbers
Like Actvision with its reports for sales of Call of Duty: Ghosts, EA's first quarter results for 2014 don't contain the full results for sales of the much hyped Titanfall.

This lack of transparency has lead serious analysts such as those at Forbes to state that this, "indicates theyíre hiding what would be a disappointing figure."

Forbes states that, "EA just wrapped up their latest earnings report, and it was a mix of good, bad and strange news. The headlines arenít great. Net revenue is down in Q4 in 2014, sitting at $1.12 billion as opposed to $1.21 billion in the same quarter last year. For the entire financial year, net revenue went down from $3.8 billion in 2013 to 3.58 billion in 2014.

"Q4 gross profit was even at $900 million from last year, but dropped from $2.41 billion to $2.23 billion for the entire fiscal year. Mobile games revenue was up to $460 million, which EA reports as a record, and they claim that they were the top publisher in the western half of the world across Xbox One and PS4 thanks to FIFA, Madden, Need for Speed: Rivals, Battlefield 4 and Titanfall."

But the report keeps coming back to that Titanfall omission.

"Indeed the strangest part of the report is the fact that specific sales numbers for Titanfall are nowhere to be found. Iíve previously commented on how weird itís been that EA and Microsoft MSFT -1.38% have been completely mute on Titanfall sales while Sony celebrates far fewer copies moved for a game like Infamous: Second Son. The counter to my question at the time was that this earnings reports was right around the corner, and obviously they were just waiting to release the numbers in a more official, orderly capacity.

"Not so, it seems, and now the questions only grow.

"Though Titanfall didnít appear to be a sales machine after launch, certainly no one was saying it was a flop or failure. But now EAís noticeable reluctance to release any information about sales of the game on their end indicates theyíre hiding what would be a disappointing figure."

All the info from EA is here.


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