Massive Videogame Monument Vandalised

Eve Online statue is prey to in-fighting. Police have been informed

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Massive Videogame Monument Vandalised
CCP Games - maker of Eve Online and Dust among other games revealed its 'Worlds Within a World' on Wednesday April 30th in Reykjavik, Iceland. Shortly afterwards it was vandalised.

The monument was created by Icelandic artist Sigurđur Guđmundsson, it is more than five meters tall and etched into it are, "the names of all the 'main characters' of all active EVE Online players etched upon it. This list of active, paying players will be captured on March 1st, 2014—no exceptions." The name 'Xenuria' has been scratched off. The police have been called. But that's not the only real-world gamer hate crime on the statue set.

The name of 'Goonswarm' - an in-game faction - was also plastered (or stickered) onto the monument. The official forum is brimming with disgust and also with delight.

As for the name 'Xenuria'. "Xenuria is a methodical Gallente Savant with a prodigious intellect and deep understanding of Jovian technology. Xenuria was previously the acting director and COB of Hydra Reloaded until she was forced to step down due to psychological reasons," it says here.

According to CCP, " Xenuria posted a YouTube rant, wherein he stated that CCP Dolan declared him a security risk. According to Xenuria himself - we can find no corroborating allegation from CCP - CCP believes that Xenuria was a part of LulzSec, a group that attacked the Eve Online servers in June of 2012. Xenuria denies membership in that organization."

No news on how the police have responded to this monument scratching behaviour.


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