On Film: New "Make Your Own Games" Console

Crowd-funding being used to fund fascinating new video game console idea.

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Now here's a great idea: a sub $150 video game console that doesn't look horrible, isn't tied to a major platform holder and helps you to make your own games and share other original creations.

That's apparently the goal for the people behind the OTON X console. They are after is after a (measly in console making terms, $250k) and they claim that, "The OTON X console is the autonomous game console to self-create game levels and games without a full-time developer. The system creates games using a custom algorithm with preset design parameters and a sprite database to create custom game environments."

It further claims that, "This process saves time and money and support developers with new game content to players much faster. Beta testers will give us input on the OTON beta user interface only. This beta will not have the game creation code installed until the Ul is polished."

Such a good idea. We really do hope it's not a con or a spoof. Find out more at GertLushGaming.


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