PlayStation Plus for May - Game Vids Galore

This months offerings include Stick it to the Man

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PlayStation Plus for May - Game Vids Galore
Sony has released info for the goodies to expect if you've paid up your Playstation Plus membership fees. Games for Vita, PS3 and PS2 abound.

You can watch video of games that'll be coming your way below. But of course, this also means that others are leaving. All of these are going on April 30th, so you've still got a bit of time: Mercenary Kings, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, Bioshock Infinite, Hotline Miami (Cross Buy), MotoGP13. Now, in with the new!

These ones are coming on April 30th:

Stick it to the Man
Payday 2
Muramasa Rebirth
Everybody’s Golf

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