Next Gen Gears of War - Bleeding Edge

Job requirement from developer bigs up old franchise

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Next Gen Gears of War - Bleeding Edge
Black Tusk Studios - the Microsoft beloved and Vancouver-based developer - is bigging up the Xbox One version of its livelihood: Gears of War.

A job posting - one of 13 currently in circulation - for work on GoW as a Senior Rendering Engineer, states that the new title will use, ”bleeding edge new rendering techniques to deliver best in class visuals for an AAA Console game.”

DualShockers also reports that, "The ad also mentions experience with ourtsourcing, meaning that Black Tusk will probably delegate part of the production to other studios."

Also notable is, "Unsurprisingly cover mechanics are also making a comeback, as hinted by a post seeking a Multiplayer Level Designer. I seriously doubt anyone had any doubt here. Multiplayer definitely seems to be a focus for the game, as an ad for a Lead Multiplayer Level Designer involves creating an “industry-leading multiplayer experience.” Familiarity with “Gears of War gameplay and past Gears of War multiplayer map designs” is also required, probably indicating that Black Tusk intends to keep the new game true to its roots."

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