Batman: Arkham Origins Video - A Freeze is Coming!

Upcoming DLC shown off

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Batman: Arkham Origins Video - A Freeze is Coming!
Warner Bros has put out a video showing gameplay and a spot of developer commentary for Cold, Cold Heart, the upcoming DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins.

As our unapologetic headline pun may have already told you, the content revolves around Mr Freeze, immortalised on screen by Arnold Schwarzenegger that time. Based on his appearance in Arkham City, we're assuming WB Games Montreal will have a better handle on the character than that.

Mr Freeze has abilities that revolve around making things really, really cold. Fortunately, as you can see in the video, Batman has a trick or two up his sleeve including a suit designed for operating in extreme conditions with heating coils.

The DLC's due via PSN, Xbox Live and Steam from April 22nd. Here's that video:

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