Spoof GTA 5 Game Makes a Point

A parody that is trying to get your cash

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Spoof GTA 5 Game Makes a Point
NotGTA5 sounds like a cynical cash-in on the pulling power of Grand Theft Auto but although it does indeed play on the great series, there is nothing cynical about it.

According to the game's creators, "This game is a parody. It is definitely, positively, and hopefully legally, not the game Grand Theft Auto Five." So, what is it?

"Sure, itís called NotGTAV, but those letters stand for Great Traffic Adventure, and the V is silent... It is currently available only for Windows PCs (XP onwards) but check back here soon for Mac and Linux versions, and, eventually, pads and larger phones."

And the really good bit? "100% of the profits from this game go to young peopleís charity Peer Productions. Without Peer Productions the NotGames team would never have met. With your help, we want to pay something back."

More info and the game here.
More about the charity here.

Cheers to VG247 for the spot.


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