Watch_Dogs - "Stable" on PS4

Plus, you can rob pawn shops... nice

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Watch_Dogs - "Stable" on PS4
Watch Dogs - Ubisoft's dystopian, cyber, futuristic yet realistic thriller-cum-shooter set in a real world Seattle is 'stable' on PS4!

Jonathan Morin the Creative Director of the game has been quite verbal about the delayed title, stating that: "resolution was still being finalized on both PS4/XboxOne..." but also being more positive and direct.

His Twitter feed brought gems such as: "Im playing on PS4 for my current walkthrough and its very stable/constant."

Dualshockers had also dug out the following:

• You can rob pawn shops. It yields varying amounts of money, but you lose reputation.
• NPCs in the game don’t just investigate or fight, but they have more going on.
• They have to deal with inesplicable malfunction caused by the player, without his position being spoiled. You can even blow them up without them knowing what hit them.
• You can hack so many things as you progress in the game that you can basically turn NPCs into your puppets.
• The AI in Watch_Dogs is more advanced than in the usual open world games because the chain of events they have to deal with is more complex.
• Online invasion of other players’ games can even result in 20-30 minutes of “epic chase.”
• The game’s city is big, but not big just for the sake of being big, as depth and density are more important.
• Normal foes dies quickly, requiring just 2-3 bullets or a headshot, but there are “mean mother******” that are better protected.
• Cars have cockpit view because “it’s cool” and fits well with the flow.


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