Sony 'Insider' Explains Layoffs

Says don't over-connect the dots

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E3 2013
E3 2013
Sony's PlayStation business has had a wave of lay-offs and departures recently, but commentator Pete Dodd, who claims to have inside knowledge of events at Sony, has cautioned against connecting dots that don't need to be connected.

In a lengthy post on NeoGAF, Dodd outlines the situation in each of the studios affected recently and states that while Sony is looking to 'trim fat', each instance is a discrete case and shouldn't be taken as part of a systematic series of lay-offs.

While Dodd is thought to have some solid sources at Sony it's worth noting, of course, that without solid proof this should be treated strictly as rumour.

Starting with God of War3 director Stig Asmussen's departure from Sony Santa Monica Dodd states, "Stig and his team spent almost 100 million dollars on a game that failed every QA test that took. The game sucked. They shitcanned the game and a lot of the people involved. They offered stig a spot on barlog's project - he didn't want to go from game director to something lesser so he quit."

On Uncharted creative director and writer Amy Hennig leaving Naughty Dog, Dodd writes, "Amy Hennig has creative differences about the direction that UC4 should go in. Egos swell, she leaves. She's happy, she will make another studio much better when she gets there. Justin Richmond, an ally of Hennig's, gets an offer he can't refuse from Riot. He leaves."

Downplaying the significance of the departure, Dodd adds, "These things happen. Naughty Dog is going to be fine. UC4 will still be awesome. Riot will be better with the pickup of Richmond and whoever gets Hennig will be better off. The sky isn't falling."

Next, goings-on down in Cambridge: "Guerilla Cambridge is working on a vita game that is shit and won't sell. They slim down as they retool for another project. Again - this isn't new. This happens a lot."

Evolution? "The director of Driveclub doesn't deliver the game on time. Given more time the game still needs work. He is replaced."

Tying it all together, Dodd writes, "And all of this is happening before the fiscal year ends. Is sony trimming fat? Of course. Sony corporation is not in a great spot. So they are tightening up a bit. But a lot of people are connecting dots that don't need to be connected. Hennig/Richmond is about creative differences and ego. Stig is about wasted money and time. Col Rogers (driveclub) is about failing to deliver. Taken on their own they all make sense. Combine them together and you get glenn beck with a chalkboard."

Source: NeoGAF via Dualshockers

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