Girls' Computer Coding Mag Launched

Mind Candy does a brilliant thing for young girls in the modern world

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Girls' Computer Coding Mag Launched
Mind Candy - the team behind such wonders as Moshi Monsters has come up with a frankly fantastic idea aimed at pre-teen girls.

Look at the logo illustrating this story. Cute ain't it? Pink? It's got a heart. Makes you sick that it's so apparently manipulative. Like it's Poppet product in fact. But let's look a little more closely at the magazine supporting Poppet.

"Poppet magazine will include puzzles, stories, interviews, recipe pages and much more, including a feature every issue on the different roles available for women within the tech industry, from developers to product managers, animators to game designers."

Jess King, the in–house editor of Poppet magazine says, “The tech industry has long been seen as a man’s world and something that is ‘not for girls’ but we completely disagree with that notion. There are more and more women shaking up the sector and we hope that Poppet magazine will inspire the next generation of female techies.”


Source: Mind Candy


VG Heroes 26 Mar 2014 16:34
I think its pretty cool idea and I don't remember it being attempted before. I was just discussing Moshi Monsters on my blog if you want to know more about the actual game.
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