Far Cry 4 - the Mountains of Madness

Ubisoft next take on vertical thrills - up the Himalayas

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Far Cry 4 - the Mountains of Madness
It appears the Ubisoft is setting the next in the Far Cry series up in the Mountains of Madness (aka the Himalayas) so expect Yetis.

According to one source, " the title is set to be shown off in some form during Ubisoft's annual press conference at E3 in June".

Superannuation also mentioned the setting in a Tweet:

Far Cry 4 sounds super boring from the rumors. It's the third game more or less transposed to the Himalayas or adjacent locale + monsters(?)

Eurogamer's take is less acerbic, "Far Cry 4's gameplay will remain similar to that in Far Cry 3 - presumably including a large focus on hunting local fauna. The world's map will be structured in a familiar fashion too, a separate source said, with outposts for you to liberate."

Apparently the game has rideable elephants - although this sounds as if someone has confused the Himalayas with the Alps.

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