Sony and Ubisoft in Exclusive Watch Dogs Deal

Exclusive gameplay announced in joint release - video here

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Sony and Ubisoft have announced a form of exclusivity for PS3 and PS4, with additional gameplay coming to the now unstalled Watch Dogs cyber-fest coming to both consoles.

As well as the content there will be 'exclusive' PS3 and PS4 bundles when the game hits the shops on May 27th. Check the new video and additional information below.

In a joint press release, the companies announced that, "The exclusive content includes four extra missions, representing one hour of exclusive gameplay, as well as a unique ‘White Hat’ Hacker Outfit. By playing this additional content, players will have a deeper knowledge of DedSec, a key and powerful faction in the Watch Dogs universe. Once complete, a Hacking Boost named Superior Capacity is acquired which gives players one additional Battery Slot."


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