Drive Club Delay Blamed on Project Morpheus

Sony is naysaying rumour that VR hardware put the brakes on DriveClub

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Drive Club Delay Blamed on Project Morpheus
Evolution Studios - which is responsible for the massively delayed PS4 launch title DriveClub is "not working on (the PS4's Virtual Reality headset - Project) Morpheus at all," and is putting "all the effort" into finishing the game," says Sony.

This statement was largely forced by the growing rumble of a rumour that the recently announced but unpriced or dated Project Morpheus has held back the release date for the game. Not so:

"There's a rumour about the reason of the pushback of Driveclub was to make it Morpheus compatible... that's totally untrue", so says PlayStation president of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida.

He also pointed out that, while PM was being looked at for the game, early stages proved, "kind of difficult and sickening".

via Gamespot.


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