Respawn: On-Disc DLC is Scary

You won't see on-disc DLC on Titanfall... but why the hell does that even matter?

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For some reason the idea of unlocking DLC from a game disc rather than unlocking DLC from a server causes some people to go into a massive rage. Respawn, maker of TitanFall, realises this.

So, in what we usually call "an easy" win, it's stating that there's not going to be any on-disc DLC for its online-only, multiplayer-only shooter later in its life. Community manager Abbie Heppe spoke out!

Her opinion is that, "nobody wants to have a disc and then have something that's unlocked on the disc and be like 'why are you charging me for something that you shipped with the game?' We don't touch that; that is scary community territory."

Honestly, what is the difference between unlocking DLC for money from a disc and unlocking DLC from a server in the sky (well, Cloud)? A new helmet for 1 is a new helmet for 1 no matter where it comes from Also, Abbie realises that there will be DLC.

"But that said, we're a multiplayer game and you have to support multiplayer games after launch. The community wants it, we want it, and it certainly is the standard. But again, some of that comes from, 'OK you guys have played the game now, what did you like, what do you want', and seeing what we can feasibly do within the time periods that we have to get it done."

Source: OXM


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