Ubisoft We Think Games not Movies

Jade Raymond deserves a huge round of applause having made one of the greatest gaming statements ever!

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Ubisoft We Think Games not Movies
Thank your gaming soul for someone like Ubisoft Toronto studio manager Jade Raymond. She's been speaking at the SXSW gaming Expo in the states and she's said very heartening stuff about 'transmedia'.

First up, speaking to ace eater of Doritos and blank-eyed Mountain Dew drinker Geoff Keighley in Austin, Texas, Raymond said that in regard to mobile and tablet games, "A good game on those devices is different from a good game on consoles, so I definitely believe they deserve their own franchises." But she also made one of the great games industry statements ever:

Our business is making games, so we have to make sure were making good games, first and foremost, she said. I dont think we can think out the gate, How is this going to be a good movie? I dont know anything about movies. Ive never made a movie in my life.

Applause!! Games are good enough in themselves! Wild cheering.

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