Homosexual Characters Hurt Game Sales

Ubisoft writer talks gay characters or the lack of them

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Tony... Gay.
Tony... Gay.
Aside from Gay Tony from Grand Theft Auto IV DLC fame we're hard pressed to name a video game protagonist of any note. This, according to Ubisoft, is because gay leads hurt sales.

Lucien Soulban is Lead Writer at Ubisoft Montreal. He's also an openly homosexual bloke. This is rare in the games industry. Not as rare as an openly gay character though. And Lucien knows why."When are going to get a gay/lesbian AAA hero(ine) who isnít a one-off joke?" he asks and then answers:

"So when are we going to see that gay protagonist in a AAA game? Not for a while, I suspect, because of fears that itíll impact sales. So either weíll see a bait-and-switch like the original Metroid with Samus Aran where weíll find out damn near after the fact (PS: And Dumbledore was gay), or itíll come out of left field with Rockstar, Valve, Naughty Dog or Telltale, perhaps. But when it happens, I hope itís a serious take on it and not played up for jokes."

Source: UbiBlog

Helooooooo, Gay Tony? Or is Tony just chopped liver?


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