App Site Charges Developers for Reviews

Revealed by App developer AppyNation - a site that doesn't understand

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App Site Charges Developers for Reviews
This afternoon a single brief tweet sounded a warning to consumers and developers alike regarding the objectivity and trustworthy nature of some review scores.

UK based AppyNation ("which is recognised by the UK Government as providing foundations for growth and development within the [games] industry") Tweeted the following in apparent disgust:

"Dear @ASReviewer, we will never pay for a review, especially a review of an app that's nothing to do with us.

The site in question - AppStoreReviewer - had contacted Appynation offering to review titles (in this case a title not made by the company) if Appy paid it $350 for a video review.

That's right. The ASReviewer site was not offering to advertise the games - fair enough - but to review them.

No wonder there's some disquiet in the gaming community - espeically the Wild West of mobile gaming.


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