Ghost Recon Online Rewards Announced

Also Tactical Insertion and Smoke Grenades... and rewards.

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Ghost Recon Online Rewards Announced
Ubisoft is really, really, really, really keen that you join up and play Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online - so much so that it's going to give you 25.

Well, not quite. It's going to give you 25 of 'in-game' currency, so don't expect to head off to Urban Outfitters to buy 1/3 of a t-shirt. Ubi has also announced a "Public PlayTest" of Tactical Insertion. Stop giggling.

On the dosh front, "Players will be granted up to 25.00 in in-game currency, based on their tenure and experience. This program is accessible to players who join the game before its official launch this spring and the rewards will be automatically credited within two weeks after launch."

On the Public PlayTest and the insertion... "he team has also been working on two new features: Smoke Grenades and Tactical Insertions, which will respectively allow players to obscure the battlefield and to spawn next to their teammates."

More info here.


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