Europe's Largest PlayStation "Teaching Lab" Opens

Abertay University teams up with PlayStationFirst with Vitas

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Europe's Largest Teaching Lab claims Sony
Europe's Largest Teaching Lab claims Sony
A deal struck between Sony's aptly named PlayStationFirst initiative and the University of Dundee at Abertay (formery Dundee Institute of Technology) sees 30 new PlayStation Vita development kits installed at the Scottish academy.

Sony's claiming, "PlaystationFirst Opens Largest Teaching Lab in Europe" which is open to question* but nevertheless indicates a smart partnership that will see UoA students in a good position to develop for Sony and for Sony to direct the course of their development.

Says the official release, "Every programming student at Abertay learns how to use PlayStation Vita development kits and has access to PlayStation4 development kits as part of Abertay University’s partnership with PlayStationFirst, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s (SCEE) Academic Development Programme."

Never heard of PlayStationFirst? Want your college of Uni involved? "PlayStationFirst is a Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and Worldwide Studios (WWS) academic partnership programme to inspire innovation across PlayStation. PlayStationFirst establishes partnerships with University courses at the cutting edge of videogame technology, game development, computer science and research...

"PlayStationFirst Partner status is awarded by invitation only to leading university courses, educational organisations and talent incubators, and must fulfil a set of academic and PlayStation oriented criteria."

But sod being invited. Petition it here.

More info here

* See this link.


Philip Wilson 21 Feb 2014 15:48
that awkward moment when they get the name of my Uni wrong, at least they aren't claiming it's in wales for once...
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