Silent Hill 2:Restless Dreams heads to PlayStation 2

Now you can play as girl, without an Xbox.

Posted by Staff
Silent Hill 2:Restless Dreams heads to PlayStation 2
Konami of Japan has announced that it will be releasing a PlayStation 2 version of Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams, the enhanced version of the seminal horror sequel initially billed as an Xbox exclusive.

Restless Dreams has a side story, or ‘gaiden’, an extra feature added to the original game, which puts the player in control of Maria, the dead wife of Silent Hill’s main character, James.

Konami has promised slicker graphics and a whole new sub-plot for the PlayStaton 2 version, to try and tempt those who have already shelled out for one of the originals.

This will no doubt be seen as another blow to the Microsoft campaign, as yet another Xbox exclusive slips across to PlayStation 2. Cynics will also say that this is another sign that Konami does not see the machine as a viable platform.

Konami was accused of coordinating Xbox spoilers in America, in conjunction with Sony, releasing Metal Gear Solid 2 for PlayStation 2 the week before Microsoft’s new console hit store shelves.


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