Sony Talks PlayStation Future And Past

How long will the PS3 last, how is PSNow shaping up and more

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Sony Talks PlayStation Future And Past
Playstation marketing executive John Koller about... well, Playstation, its future and also what's happening with all those PS3s littering up the world with their elderly smells and good media streaming capabilities.

With Sony winning the console sales war at the back end of last year, what does the company have in the works now? How long will the PS3 be kept alive? How is PSNow shaping up? "It's still really early days. We're 10 days in. We've seen really high customer satisfaction. Really significant engagement so far. A lot of people are interested. It's been a great platform so far just in terms of interest." Blimey!

He continues, "The things that we're trying to work through are: business modeling, pricing, release windows; all those things still need to be turned through. It's a work in progress for us.

"We need to work through this. This is a legitimate beta; it's not just a marketing beta; we're actually learning a lot and making adjustments and learning about the kinds of content that we want to bring. We've talked about the PlayStation 3 library, but what games work best? We at PlayStation are very bullish on it, but we have to make the right decisions."

As for the PS3, "We believe that the platform has a lot of life left in it. Two, three, four years; we think there's time left in the platform. It depends on the content. We have a good lineup this year and it looks like a good lineup next year. We need to keep fueling that. We really have to keep PS3 alive. And so to do that, we have to further the content. I think there will be a good story for the PS3 over the next year to two years."

Cheers Gamestop!


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