Nintendo Licenses Mario to Sell McDonalds Happy Meals

Is Mario the Joe Camel of Kids' Fast Food?

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Nintendo Licenses Mario to Sell McDonalds Happy Meals
Nintendo has started its new plan to make money by licensing its characters an IPs to other companies who must only use them sensibly and sensitively.

In this case McDonalds is being allowed to use Mario to sell fast food to children. Genius. If there's one thing that's bound to attract great publicity for a quick buck, it's licensing your game character to a fast good joint. Here's what Maccas says about using the Italian Icon.

"Our next Happy Meal invites kids to Run, Jump and Power Up with Super Mario!"

Yes, McDonalds meals are all about healthy outdoor action. Or is it the amount of sugar that makes kids, "Run, Jump and Power Up with Super Mario!"?

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Old Codger 5 Feb 2014 19:46
Poor Mario. Whored out like a lady of the night just make some fast cash for Nintendo, the new pimp in town. What's next? Kirby's Haberdashery? Zelda and Linksys Routers? Smash Brothers Instant mashed potato? Yoshi's Sushi? Probably not ... but still, how far Nintendo have fallen.
NFG 6 Feb 2014 11:21
It's not the first time, Nintendo characters were available in Happy Meals in Canada back in the Super Mario Bros 3 days (or possibly Super Mario World).
mrAnthony 6 Feb 2014 22:13
@NFG Exactly! The best happy meal toys/boxes were the Mario 3 ones back in the day. Still have a few knocking about somewhere
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