Killer Instinct Gets Fresh Update - Introducing 'Jail'

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Killer Instinct Gets Fresh Update - Introducing 'Jail'
Have you ever been highly frustrated when playing online? I suppose I should be more specific about that; when playing online, and your opponent just... leaves? We've all been there, haven't we?

Well, Killer Instinct developer Double Helix has come up with a way to combat quitters - send them off to Jail. Now, we guess you're wondering what the f@#ck we mean by that... so, here goes:

In Killer Instinct (over a minimum of 10 matches), if your disconnect percentage goes over 15%, you'll be shipped off to Jail. What that means, is that for 24 hours, you'll only be able to play against other Jailed players. Each time you're sent to Jail, the time increases by 24 hours (up to a maximum of 5 days).

Anyway, here's some points on Jail and general update notes:


The first time your disconnect percentage goes above 15 percent you go to JAIL
A 10 match minimum is required
JAIL lasts for 24 hours. During this time you can only be matched against other JAIL members
Each time you go to JAIL the amount of time increases by 24 hours (capped at 5 days - 120 hrs)
While in JAIL your profile icon will be automatically changed to a custom JAIL icon to let you know you are in JAIL
When your JAIL time is up, you go back into the public again (even if your disconnect percentage is back over 15%)
However, when back in public, if you disconnect and you are still above 15 percentage you go directly back to JAIL
For any match that sends you to JAIL, player will take a loss

General Fixes

Ultra Combo audio distortion: Fixed an issue where users would hear audio distortion during ULTRA COMBO sequences.
Training mode: Several issues have been fixed to make sure that the AI will react accurately towards the settings of the player.
Matchmaking: Ranked search will now properly search for the ranks nearest to your rank, then slowly expand its ranked search range over 1 min.
Exhibition invite: Fixed an issue when you tried to join an invite and it would fail because it was waiting for you to leave your previous session.
Player rank display: Fix spelling errors in "Journeyman" and "Baller" Rank Title graphics.
Hosting bug: Fixed hosting an Exhibition Match while player rank was above 20.
Ranking up and down display: Potential Rank Up / Rank Down messages will no longer stay on the screen if the opponent disconnects during the match.
Win/loss display: Fixed post-match screen showing incorrect win/loss in Exhibition Match.
Rank animation bar: Ranking bar animation on loss has been fixed, and will now properly display.

Character updates

Jago: Fixed a bug that allowed players to perform a Shadow Endokuen without using meter.
Saberwulf: Tracking properties of OVERPOWER (Back + Heavy Punch) will no longer auto correct if the opponent jumps over Sabrewulf.
Orchid: Fix to Shadow Itch - Ni - San getting broken when used as an opener in certain cases.
Sadira: Fix to web ball causing a blowout reaction during ultra if opponent was already above 100 KV.

Source: Double Helix Developer Notes


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