Shadow of the Colossus HD Dev Gets Xbox 360 Titanfall Gig

Also: Beta confirmed for both PC and Xbox One

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Shadow of the Colossus HD Dev Gets Xbox 360 Titanfall Gig
Respawn has confirmed that TitanFall - the game that will definitely redefine the term 'Entirely online multiplayer Pew! Pew! Boom! Gaming' - will go into Beta on PC and Xbox One as we suggested yesterday. But Xbox 360 owners need not be too sad...

This is because there certainly will be an Xbox 360 version of the game coming. We're not sure when it's going to happen but we do know who is doing it.

"Zampella also revealed that Titanfall on Xbox 360 is in development at Bluepoint Games, Respawn's Vince Zampella revealed. This is the Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection developer, for reference. It doesn't seem that we'll see an Xbox 360 beta," says IGN.

Not sure why Respawn can't do it, but Bluepoint is highly respected.

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