Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm - PS3 to PS4 is Free

Due date for PS4 version is announced too!

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm - PS3 to PS4 is Free
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm is dated with pre-orders starting today. The limited PS4 Collector’s Edition will also be released on 14th April with seven special items.

As well as this, there is a PS4 Beta test that starts on Saturday 22nd February (Saturday). Now then, what if you already have a PS3 version? Well...

"Transfer from PS3 version is Free!
Players with the PS3 version of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn can transfer to PS4 for free. Existing PS3 character data can also be used.
• Transfer is scheduled to start from 11th April (Friday).
• Details of how to transfer will be revealed at a later date.
• Once you transfer to the PS4 version, you cannot play the PS3 version any longer.
• If you want to play both versions, please also purchase the PS4 version.
• If you have several service accounts on PS3, you can transfer them all to PS4."

Ain't that great! Of course it is. Also for Square because it means that no gamers are lost... because:

"When you purchase FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn you get 30 days of free play included. To continue playing after 30 days you will need to subscribe. Monthly subscriptions start at £7.69 / 10.99 €."

Source: Square


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