Watch_Dogs Wii U Cancelled?

Rumour abounds...

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Watch_Dogs Wii U Cancelled?
The Wii U version of Watch_Dogs is rumoured to be cancelled following its disappearance from Italian retail databases.

It started with a reader of Wiitalia, who reportedly got a call from his local GameStop advising him to move his Watch_Dogs preorder to another title as the Wii U version had been scrapped.

The site followed up with several more Italian branches of GameStop and was told in each case that the SKU was cancelled.

There's been no word from Ubisoft as yet and this is far from rock solid, so it's definitely one for the 'rumour and speculation' pile for the time being.

You can find more about Watch_Dogs on SPOnG's dedicated game page.


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Kaihaku 24 Jan 2014 11:18
Now the question is, did Ubisoft cancel the Wii U version of Watch Dogs or did Gamestop Italy decide that they won't carry the Wii U version of Watch Dogs?
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