Dixons Praises Steam as GAME Hints at PC Game Streaming

Whichever way you cut if PC games are where retail sees the money

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Dixons Praises Steam as GAME Hints at PC Game Streaming
Two UK retailers have piped up in regards to video gaming - and specifically PC gaming and sales streams - today. GAME might not surprise you, but Dixons' new found love of Steam might be more of a stretch.

First up and GAME. Let's be clear here. Within the next decade most games will be delivered by digital download. This is why special editions with toys, artbooks and the like are so popular with retail. This is why GAME must look to its own digital delivery service.

So, this might be why MCV is reporting: "n the wake of Sony’s PlayStation Now announcement, GAME has hinted that it could move into the game streaming market, before telling MCV that it hopes to be involved with PlayStation Now."

However, as with most stories floating around in January, there's little meat on the bone with the following quote being the support for the tale: “I’m not going to rule anything in or out right now,” said Ian Chambers, chief digital officer at GAME."

What of Dixons then? Again with MCV but this time the words are from Simon Urquhart, category manager of PC gaming.

“Steam is arguably the best way for gamers to purchase PC games and recent figures indicate that this is now the most popular way to shop for them,” he said .

“We have already embraced digital software available in-store in downloadable form. Steam will allow us to offer PC games in the same way, giving customers access to a vast library of titles at great prices in as many stores as possible.”

Prepare for big PC gaming news in 2014.

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