Valve has no Plans for its Own VR Hardware

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Valve has no Plans for its Own VR Hardware
Despite whispers to the contrary, Valve said at its Steam Dev Days that it has no plans for a VR headset of its own. The company has said that it is working with Oculus to 'drive PC VR forward'.

Valve thinks that we'll see virtual reality happening at a consumer level within two years.

The company pointed to PC's ability to evolve rapidly, number of devs with the ability to innovate and PC's straight-up power as the reasons it sees PC as the hotbead for VR.

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey also led a session. Continuing the Valve/Oculus love-in, he characterised Valve's VR experience as the best in the world right now.

Luckey said that porting games doesn't really work, but that "Maybe we can reuse assets and core engine tech."

He said that "Oculus is targeting a 'seated' experience," but that "Everything we build requires head tracking... Fixed in space, not stuck to your face."

Supporting the presentation, Oculus released an Oculus VR Best Practices Guide which you can get here.

Source: SteamDB


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