Gamestop Looks To Be Involved With Playstation Now

Retailer hopes to sell PS Now membership

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Gamestop Looks To Be Involved With Playstation Now
A lot of high street game retailers have taken quite a hit over the last few years, largely due to online digital content sales. Some retailers, however, have carved out their own little piece of PSN heaven.

One is Gamestop, which has built a $600m digital business selling vouchers and game codes to gamers, and their empire plans don't stop there:

“Similar to how we worked closely with our partner Sony to successfully sell the PlayStation Plus service, we are looking forward to working with them on including the new PlayStation Now service as part of our portfolio of gaming products we offer our customers,” a Gamestop rep told Gamespot.

Just how successful the retailer will be is unclear. We do know that PlayStation Now requires a 5MB internet connection in order for gamers to have a "good PS Now experience" though.


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