Can AI End the Need for Game Makers?

EA, Activision, Ubisoft might be pleased by a recent experiment in game making

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"HAL, knock me out another best-selling FPS by lunch - no single-player mode."
"HAL, knock me out another best-selling FPS by lunch - no single-player mode."
The current state of play with AAA video games - prequels, sequels, reboots, re-imaginings or simply another racing game or FPS - might make you think that AI is already making the products. Not yet. But if one experiment is anything to go by, it might not be too long.

Mike Cook of Goldsmiths works at the University of London and he's developed an AI called Angelina. Angelina makes video games; good ones.

A competitor at the recent Ludum Dare game making event, Alan Zucconi, who is also a game developer and researcher at Imperial College London told the New Scientist, that:

"I can safely say that the game created by Angelina has better gameplay and graphics than several other entries"

The NS further comments that, "Angelina has created many games in controlled situations, but this is the first time an AI has competed against humans in such a setting. Ludum Dare is a game jam, held four times a year, in which developers create games from scratch over a weekend. It has been growing in popularity, with 2064 entries to this latest event."

Angelina's efforts have also been commented on by Calvin Goble from developer RobotLovesKitty (who developed Cat Gentlemans Play: Insult Spinner 10 Cents in which gamners have "one opportunity to settle a duel between glove-slapping, cat-headed Victorians."

Goble says, "Someday an AI will do our job better than us".

Source: New Scientist


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