Claim: Tom Clancy's The Division Won't Hit 2015

A source close to the project gets up and talks down

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Claim: Tom Clancy's The Division Won't Hit 2015
What with Watch_Dogs and The Crew Ubisoft is working up quite the reputation for delaying big titles. It would appear that Tomy Clancy's The Division might be added to the list.

The game is due out this very year but and - according to one source at least - "The game engine works well, it's not done but works well." However, "The actual game development has barely started..."

The unnamed source was talking to GameReactor and stated, "The fact that Ubisoft has gone public with a 2014 release date feels laughable to be perfectly honest, we will never be able to release The Division this year. It's a large project, and we have very far to go."

Source: GameReactor


ghoti 7 Jan 2014 14:43
So the claim is actually that it won't hit 2014. Whether it hits 2015 or not doesn't appear to be mentioned here. If you go to the GameReactor article it actually suggests that it will hit 2015, the complete opposite of Spong's headline.
miacid 7 Jan 2014 15:54
This is probably the game I'm most excited about, however I'd be happy to wait if it means we get a complete and polished game and not a beta as some other companies seem to be putting out.
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