Hacker Group Denies Police Hoax - Confirms EA Hits

Oh no, not Steam too!?

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Hacker Group Denies Police Hoax - Confirms EA Hits
Following this morning's story regarding the police raid on the house of a Twitch star, hacker group DERP has denied any involvement. It has, however, confirmed hits via DDOS attacks on several major game servers and sites.

First up, the denial of the personal attack came via a Tweet, "As much as we like to mess with servers or companies, we don't target individuals. The 911 hostage prank call to @PhantomL0rd was not us."

However, the group has claimed to have targeted and brought down several large sites:

In a recent tweet, the group stated "We've directed the Gaben Laser Beamô @ the EA login servers. Origin #offline". Gaben, you ask? Yep! They're referring the managing director of Valve, Gabe Newell.

Now we imagine by now that you've heard about or experienced Steam issues, and are quite probably pointing the finger at DERP, because, well, the evidence is stacking up...

It seems, however, that it wasn't DERP at all -

Believe it - another Twitter user who goes by chF has stepped up and claimed to be the one that targeted steam (past tense - "We're no longer hitting Steam btw, we just broke it is all"). Their fun doesn't end there though...

You'll have more on the subject as soon as we do, but for now, let us know what you think. Humorous, annoying, hilarious?


DDoS_ClearShotz 28 Jan 2014 13:28
That night was nothing on me. Just a bunch of kids on VPNs hitting major online entertainment sites. I tried to stop them. but when you have trouble tracing an IP... it can be quite difficult.
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