SEGA: Initial D May Be Tip of 3DS Free-to-Play Iceberg

There's a 'perfect shape' for 3DS business model

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SEGA: Initial D May Be Tip of 3DS Free-to-Play Iceberg
SEGA is already eyeing up further free-to-play titles on the 3DS beyond the Japanese launch of Initial D: Perfect Shift Online.

In a Famitsu interview about the microtransaction-powered racer, SEGA chief creative officer Toshihiro Nagoshi said that, "We don't intend to stop with this title, and after looking over its results, we'll think about what to do next.

"However, unlike games for smartphones, I believe there's a perfect shape of ways to do things, somewhere out there, for the Nintendo 3DS. I believe that finding it will be our challenge, and in many ways, Initial D will be our first step."

Nagoshi said that he believes there's a mature 3DS audience out there ripe for targeting. ďThe Nintendo 3DS has a wide audience from elementary school to high school students, but thatís not all. I believe thereís a business chance in the older market. However, nothing is certain for now, but to a degree, giving that a shot is a Sega-like selection. Iím sure if fans take it that way, they will understand."

He added that SEGA already has ideas for future F2P titles on the handheld.

Initial D: Perfect Shift Online is already out in beta in Japan, with a full launch planned for later this year.

Source: Siliconera via MCV


dwizcreations 3 Jan 2014 09:37
Oh, this might be the first IP that'll make me buy a 3DS... Takumi Fujiwara FTW.
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