WTF NEWS: Babies Fear the Realism of GTAV!

Seriously... this actually is happening...

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WTF NEWS: Babies Fear the Realism of GTAV!
OK, so there's a website called babiesDOTcoDOTuk and it's asked it users - who we assume must be babies - via an online poll what games should not be bought for them. Turns out that GTAV is top of that list.

The site's MD James Macfarlane says, "It became apparent that our users were very scared of the level of realism found in a game like Grand Theft Auto V". Face it Jim, babies are often scared of things but they get over them. What else?

Jimbo also says, "While it is hard to see a child relating with a zombie first person shooter, as is the case in some of the other games in the poll, parents are clearly concerned that a game which rewards murder, arson, torture and theft in the way that GTA V does, might make the same actions in real life more acceptable.”

Of course this isn't true! Well, the website and the poll are. But it wasn't babies who voted or commented it was baby-parents who are apparently incapable of reading huge age ratings.

Via MCV which also reports the games that the babies fear are:

Grand Theft Auto V – 31.98%
Killzone: Shadow Fall – 20.46%
Dead Rising 3 – 18.91%
Call of Duty: Ghosts – 16.97%
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – 11.74%

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