Report says PS4 Not as Good as PS3 for Blu-ray Play

But to be honest you've got to have super-human vision

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Report says PS4 Not as Good as PS3 for Blu-ray Play
If you're buying a PS4 to get the utmost out of your Blu-ray and 4K TV then think again suggests at least one report.

Honestly though, before launching into the detail that follows, ask yourself: "Are my eyes actually capable of telling the difference in the HD reproduction detailed here? And it if they are, am I worrying too much about form over content?" But now read on...

Hdtvtest has the bad news: "If you play 1080i content on the PS4, youíll find that the system deinterlaces it, and does a poor job of it. There doesnít seem to be any semi-advanced motion-adaptive deinterlacing on the PS4 at all, with the entire screen (and not just the moving areas) being deinterlaced with a fairly crude algorithm. Visually, that translates into fine details flickering slightly. Of course, itís more obvious in test charts than it is in content, but the resolution is being lost either way.

"Nearly all films are stored at 24p so donít count on seeing any issues with those, but if you play a video-based concert or documentary on the machine, youíll be getting lessened vertical resolution compared to what youíd get from a better Blu-ray player such as the PS3, or nearly any standalone player.
Donít think about setting the output to 1080i to send 1080i discs out in their native format, either: this compounds the problem. Even with the output set to 1080i, all 1080i content is deinterlaced internally and then output. Thereís no native path for 1080i Blu-ray content on the PS4 (yet?), everything goes through the sub-par 1080p conversion process."

Read the full report here.


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