Law Firm Goes After EA & Battlefield 4

Don't be fooled into thinking this is about anything other than money though unless...

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Law Firm Goes After EA & Battlefield 4
Holzer Holzer and Fistel, LLC is an Atltanta-based law firm that is investigating EA on behalf of stockholders to discover if disclosures made by EA regarding the very flawed Battlefield 4 constitute misleading market information.

The company describes itself as, "a complex litigation boutique that represents investors victimized by securities fraud and other corporate corruption." The law firm has a track record in this sort of investigation too.

It states that, "Holzer Holzer & Fistel, LLC is investigating whether Electronic Arts, Inc. (“EA” or the “Company”) (NYSE: EA) and/or certain of its officers complied with the federal securities laws between July 24, 2013 and December 4, 2013. Specifically, the investigation focuses on statements issued during that time regarding the development and sales of the Company’s Battlefield 4 video game and the game’s impact on EA’s revenue and projects moving forward.

"If you purchased EA common stock between July 24, 2013 and December 4, 2013 and suffered losses on that investment, you are encouraged to contact Holzer Holzer & Fistel, LLC attorney Marshall P. Dees, Esq. via email at [email protected], or via toll-free telephone at (888) 508-6832 regarding you legal rights."

Now, this investigation could be highly speculative and made distinctly in order to get EA to settle out of court - the legal eagles taking a cut from the settlement. Or it could be a step forward in making accountable the sort of marketing claims made to impress buyers and stockholders but in relation to unfinished and rushed titles
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