Huge Claims from Andrew House - Sony PS4 Boss

PS4 will outsell PS3 because there are millions more potential buyers...

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Huge Claims from Andrew House - Sony PS4 Boss
Andrew House is the top man at Sony when it comes to all things PlayStation. With a successful PS4 launch behind him, rather than realise that there's little more to be said for a while he's kept on talking, starting with the predictable.

The PS4 is going to outsell the PS3. In fact, “It has an opportunity to significantly exceed what we’ve been able to achieve with PS3 and there’s a couple of reasons for that. We start off with a price point that is much more consumer friendly than was there for the PS3."

Yes, the PS3 sold 80million units and was extremely difficult to make games for (the PS2 sold over 150m remember). The PS4 is based on PC architecture and really should more than 80m given that...

“Also, one of the success stories for the business as a whole has been our ability to open up new geographies for video games over the last five years. You are seeing opportunities for new markets that we haven’t tapped into."

Setting aside the fact that it was a shift in global politics, bloodshed, war and behind the scenes negotiations that have lead countries such as India, China and former Soviet Bloc countries to embrace market capitalism, it still means that Sony millions of new people to sell to.

“The other point is that we took several years to take PS3 from being a dual function device to a multi-functional entertainment device. PS4 arrives with a full suite of those non-game entertainment services right from day one.

“And that’s important because there will be someone who wants this as a games device, but the fact it is a great place to view BBC iPlayer, for example, gives other family members reason to use it. That is crucial in broadening what the console’s reach could be.”

House tells MCV this and more.


DrkStr 5 Dec 2013 20:03
tyrion 6 Dec 2013 12:54
@DrkStr Thanks for the correction, I've updated the story and fired the proof reader ... out of a cannon!
config 6 Dec 2013 17:01
It's probably more than 160m by now given that the figure 150m harks from early 2011
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