Poor Mario: Analysts Doom Saying for Nintendo

Analysts see launch of PS4 and Xbox One as terrible news for Nintendo

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Poor Mario: Analysts Doom Saying for Nintendo
Back on October, Nintendo President Saturo Iwata said: "The launch of other video-game systems is also good for us because they energize the video-game industry as a whole". Even then people were saying, "Nope, sorry." Now with record launches of Xbox One and PS4 in place, even the analysts have their knives out.

Where Iwata said, “This year, what Nintendo is promoting is, conversely, to stand out in the game industry for individuality.” Michael Pachter, TV star and games soothsayer says:

"(Nintendo) steadfastly refuse to consider that the product is not interesting to consumers. They will fail to hit 9 million, and they will likely miss their profit goals.” Ouch.

But he's not alone:

Eiji Maeda, an analyst at SMBC Nikko Securities says, “Wii U has become a game console only for Nintendo fans. Wii U needs groundbreaking software to draw casual and hardcore gamers.

“It’s going to be difficult for Nintendo to sell 9 million Wii U consoles this fiscal year. Iwata needs to plan what to do next year if the performance this year isn’t good.”

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Source: Bloomberg


ghoti 4 Dec 2013 12:06
Pachter's just guaranteed success for the WiiU by voting against it.
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