Games As Service "Doesn't Always Resonate with People" Says Square

Not heading the way of the cloud...

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Games As Service "Doesn't Always Resonate with People" Says Square
Square Enix CEO of US and Europe Phil Rogers is not going the way of the Cloud with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn at least in terms of it crossing into the realms of 'Games as a Service'.

So, what are Games as Services? Basically, they are games used to conduits to enable players to pay companies in micro-payments or subscription charges. A recent report states, "Business-wise, the objective behind the different kinds of up-grades and add-ons is to create a long-term service relationshipwith the customer. Subscription-based game services have a verysimilar aim. The success of subscription-based models utilized for example in MMOs, online distribution services like Steam or Game-ta or value-added services like Xbox Live (Live Gold Membership)indicate that players are willing to create long-term relationships with the service providers when the service is both attractive andaccessible." So, what does Square say?

"There's lots of talk in the industry about games becoming services - to be honest, as an expression this doesn't always resonate with people, especially gamers," he said. "For us online is a way to facilitate how we're looking at the word service to build on a game. So we're focusing on regular content updates, engaging gameplay mechanics, replayability and deep community."

"Regular Content Updates" strikes us as a very charged phrase there. Also, given that it's the Cloud that's providing much of the service provision in this case, the fact that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is being pushed in this interview is quite fun.


The report we quoted is a great deal more in-depth but worth a read, get that here.

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