Sony Confirms Killzone PS4 for UK

The one we all wanted to happen is happening

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Sony Confirms Killzone PS4 for UK
Sony in the UK has confirmed - using a weird sort of business blox speak - that the Killzone Shadow Fall bundle we first told you about in Europe will be coming to the UK.

The bundle, which contains the game + the PS4 + a camera was confirmed today at the Eurogamer Expo by Sony UK manager Fergal Gara. As for price, well, he said this:

“It’ll be similarly benchmarked in euro equivalent. PlayStation 4 is £349 and €399, so it will be the same equivalent.

“It will be no more than a tenner either way [of the Xbox One £429 UK price] depending on what conversation rate we use on the given day.”

"The same equivalent" and "Benchmarked in Euro" are our two fave lines today.


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