The Wolverine Writer Scott Frank Rewriting Assassin's Creed Movie

Oscar-nominated writer of Out of Sight is involved

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The Wolverine Writer Scott Frank Rewriting Assassin's Creed Movie
Scott Franks, the Oscar-nominated writer of films such as Out of Sight, Minority Report and Marley and Me, is taking a pass at the script of the upcoming Assassin's Creed film.

Speaking to Creative Screenwriting, he said, "Iím rewriting Assassinís Creed right now, and what I love about it is that Iíve never adapted a video game before and it has its own set of challenges. Especially in the world of rewrites, I love trying to do something completely different if I can."

That certainly looks like good news for the film, given his credits. Elsewhere in the interview he does come off as a slightly reluctant genre writer, but he certainly handles characters well. Michael Fassbender is attached to star, which gives us a solid character writer with a solid character actor.

It's worth noting, however, that big franchise films often pass through several pairs of writers' hands on their way to production. His recent project, The Wolverine, had two other writers on it at various points. Franks is already the second writer on Assassin's Creed after first-timer Michael Lesslie.


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