Capcom: Deep Down is Not Related to Dragon's Dogma

So stop talking about it!

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Capcom: Deep Down is Not Related to Dragon's Dogma
Capcom showed off a rather impressive next-generation teaser trailer for a project called Deep Down at Sony's February PS4 showcase. But, don't get too excited - the publisher has moved to clarify that the game has nothing to do with its cult RPG hit, Dragon's Dogma.

I mean, get excited still, because Deep Down still looks rather epic. But it's not the game you think it will be, according to senior VP Christian Svensson. You'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise - the trailer featured a Dungeons and Dragons-inspired crawl through a dark cavern, with dragons breathing fire all over the place.

"No new [Dragon's Dogma] product has been announced so there's nothing I can comment on there," Svensson said on Capcom's official forum. "For reference [Dead Rising 3] and Deep Down have nothing to do with Dragon's Dogma."

As for progress on the project? "No news right now. Its still quite far off. [Capcom developer Yoshinori Ono] tweeted wed have it at E3 next year." So there you are.


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