Microsoft Now Discussing Minecraft X360 Save Transfers to Xbox One

Perhaps the two aren't so different after all.

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Microsoft Now Discussing Minecraft X360 Save Transfers to Xbox One
Remember when Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer said that there are no plans to allow for the import of Minecraft Xbox 360 sames to Xbox One? Turns out there may be plans after all, as the exec revealed he is in fact talking to 4J Studios about the possibilities.

The confusion arose after 4J, the developer behind the Xbox 360 port of Minecraft (and the outfit handling the Xbox One version) stated on Twitter that it was working with Microsoft to offer the ability to transfer saves to the next-generation console. Spencer then stated that saves were not being carried over.

Either someone was quite late with the transcription of their interview with Spencer, or Spencer has since changed his mind on the matter, as on Twitter today he revealed that he is talking about a save-port solution.

"Just chatted to @PopsRamjet and we are still actually discussing it with @4jStudios! Stay tuned," he wrote, offering some hope to those who whittled away hours on the Xbox 360 version with the intention of carrying over their hobby houses into the next-gen.

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youtube 17 Jun 2013 23:31
so how do you carry oer the save
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