Link to the Past Sequel Will "Feel Different" to SNES Predecessor

Light and Dark worlds will return, though.

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Link to the Past Sequel Will "Feel Different" to SNES Predecessor
Nintendo producer Eiji Aonuma has revealed a little more about the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past sequel on 3DS. And while it is clear that a lot of the game will be familiar to SNES lovers, there will also be some new elements to make the experience fresh.

The game was announced in a Nintendo Direct last month, and set tongues wagging around the world. You should have seen Twitter, it was a crazy time. The trailer, which can be re-seen below, showcased an overworld that looked incredibly similar to that of the original Link to the Past - Aonuma added that a Light and Dark world will also return.

However, the producer added that new elements - such as Link's ability to transform into a drawing and shimmy along walls - makes the game "feel different... [certainly] from our [the developer's] point of view." He was careful not to offer too many examples of how 'different' this new adventure will be however - although he did liken Link's drawing ability to the Phantom Ganon boss in Ocarina of Time.

Give the interview a read on CNET.


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